We Bring It On Ourselves

by Of Shape & Sound

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Friday June 8th
w/ The Growing Room, Wolf Hamlin & The Drifters, The Bosch Brothers
Pine Street Bar
875 Rincon Avenue
Livermore, Ca
8:30pm, cover $5, 21+


Gearing up to record 2nd album this summer. Check out a show to listen/dance to the new ones!



released April 2, 2010

'We Bring It On Ourselves'

Recorded and Produced by Douglas Allen at The Front Porch Studios

All Music/Lyrics by Of Shape & Sound

'Alibi The Way' - Music co-written by Mark Schellenbach

'Aspen & Astonauts' - Violin by Jim Hurley

Photography by Chris Shellenbach

Artwork by Mikey Sabatella

Special Thanks to Doug Allen, Karl Wente & Front Porch Studios

Of Shape & Sound is:

Jon Williams (Lead Vox, Guitar, Electric Mandolin)
Brandon Olivo (Vox, Guitar)
Dusty Boyle (Vox, Bass)
Adam Elliot (Drums)
Dave Haberman (Vox, Electric Mandolin, Lead Guitar)
Phil Didlake (Alto Saxophone, Percussion)
Nick Chivers (Slumpet, Trombone, Dancing)
Alex Attard (Tenor Saxophone)



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Of Shape & Sound Livermore

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Track Name: Booking Flights
thinkin' tall ya i'm booking flights collecting delinquent flier miles chainsaw's got you on the ropes sadly we are but gasoline dissolve in time but we've got no time to lose the hollow they save themselves ya we just fill it up tomorrow is somewhere else we bring it on ourselves entertainment is watching pain ya go ahead pretend it's indirect escape the art of delay vacation does not make you exempt fly high fall harder but it's never hard enough
Track Name: Maui Oceanside Club Smoking Policies
it’s the clean air there’s a slight glare it’s a sunset eject collect we’re one we re-group were a small troop we all confide in the sun it’s the time shared yes we share time it’s a tooth fine comb pine cone shift in lungs i exhale to define brail yes a vision is sung maybe you make me tall you make me free yes we’ll find that you and you and me make three maybe you see it all you dissolve what we see ya we’ll find that you and you and me make three it’s a strong pour yeah a long board make your foot sore you’ve my up and up no talk back it’s a fast track to the illusion of luck it’s a high time there’s a green line and i feel like something has got to me it’s the envy to the fourth seed
is illusion enough
Track Name: Let Me Go
old friend it's been a while last time we touched we spoke of convalescence well please stop me if i'm aiding with denial you say your well you've already addressed it you say she wouldn't let me because i couldn't let me go old friend it's been some time neglect can't coincide with resurrection we both know you've got the mind i can't pretend i understand the complication the taste is gone checked out though you never check in at all i was wrong soapbox left me standing there all alone it's not your fault
Track Name: Back Burner
well she thinks that life is pointless like nutrition facts on water bottles me oh my nostalgia no i couldn’t take it any longer 16 fluid ounces are just the same to me but to her inside the plastic lies the dream why not take the stickers off and apply some of our application we’ve got no time to empathize we’ve got no place for guilt we are but creatures of distraction whose expense lies at our entertainment i fear our minds are feeble but hope just naive to the world the melody won’t solely feed the girl well its something may be small but all the same ya its something we all stand tall refuse to change on the back burner looks like hope is getting cold on the back burner exchange our efforts in for gold sometimes listening is difficult and i know that i'm no alma matter as simple as it seems a conversation is a goal if we're abandon by perspective only active in our our aesthetics sitting on our hands we'll wonder how we've dug the whole powerless the passive play their roles well maybe something it could be small but all the same and maybe something could unlock knees evoke a change on the back burner looks like hope is getting cold on the back burner exchange our efforts in for gold
Track Name: Already Know Me
i've got it all running through my head why does it seem so hard to put the butter on the bread maybe i don’t know what’s under my feet but when have i let that prevent me from speaking before i think turns out that you already know me don’t show myself yet you already know me can they see me under the reef i fear my convictions have lost me captive of the sea maybe i'll float boy i'm as buoyant can be i can't believe you've rescued me told me what i see i'm finding out that you already know me don't know myself yet you already know me ain't that a damn ya you already know me take time five out get over it stream line baby outta the wharf the light house shut down takin' on water ain't so safe anymore don't leave your compass at home turns out that you already know me i'm shuttin' down because you already know me
Track Name: Stowaway
glad you made it freight cab but the railroad’s not long enough my little stowaway the train can become apart of you take time wonder your state like a river we ran where the sky was shining blue my little stowaway and i can’t go back to omaha out west my bounty is paid when the bottle hits the ground and nothing is left for you when the miles turn to lines on your face it’s the distance that i’ve found that kept me so close to you she’s my along my little stow away it’s forgotten state lines the pain from my shallow youth my little stow away time has it’s way of forgetting through grape vines smile on her face
Track Name: Funky Pancake
you've got to push me baby shake me mama i ain't never movin' girl well now you know i love to love me some baby no sticky i must refrain give me somethin' oh so tasty meltin' n' all ya and i'm up and runnin' you've got to roll me over baby
Track Name: Alibi The Way
alibi the way i've yet to mention where i'm standing i'm breathing in air so condescending i've fucked around our ordinary nothings ever ordinary unless you give in i'll never settle i could be more motivated time is out to get us help me liberate it alibi the way insert excuse here it makes no difference no the pot never boils ya the frog's complacent satisfied with antipasto the portion picture's far as i know a hell of a spoil there's a fog impending i should be more motivated time is out to get us i anticipate it
Track Name: Aspen & Astronauts
now it’s out on the table please pass the betrayal yes it’s a dish I seem to prepare well the recipe is simple add a dash of something natural yes now bring it to a slow boil i can see everything going white, stuck inside now i sit at a window only a double pane away from being buried alive i’ll be out in aspen that’s where i’ll be i don’t understand what’s happened to me make believe that i am nothing more than articles burn the paper scraps dissolve from your mind all the positives fraternal to emotional make me believe in my mind make me a ripple on the water of a lake frozen over i disappear again this apathy has found in me a place to be it’s no fairy tale for most men i can see everything going white, stuck inside i romance destination astray from despair but first i seek daylight i’ll be out in aspen that’s where i’ll be i don’t understand how i got to colorado my minds on the moon but i’m froze to the floor out in aspen navigating what to say i’m lost out in the cold now i don’t understand how i got to Colorado my minds on the moon but I’m froze to the floor